The latest and greatest in the fitness niche of suspension training is FitBar.  Conceived for the purpose of a full body at home workout this single piece of equipment offers a full body workout ideal for anybody from novice level to athlete.  As a consultant for the development of this product I can sincerely say that FitBar is so well designed it will be the only piece home exercise equipment you will ever need.

What is suspension training?

fitbar2My initial introduction to the idea of suspension training was through a research study I participated in while studying for my degree in Exercise Physiology.  We used the TRX which is essentially just two adjustable straps with hand holds.  The straps anchor to a stable object that is overhead, such as a door frame with closed door.  From there, the user is free to press, pull, lunge jump, etc.   This is all done with the straps of the device suspending you in place or redirecting you to the starting area.




FitBar rules the arena of suspension training.

FitBar takes the concept of suspension training up a notch.  Rather than require a closed door set up (limiting the variety of exercises that can be conducted) FitBar starts with a pull up bar that is inserted into a door way.  Easy to put in place and rock solid sturdy once in.  This is not your typicalfitbar-5 high school PE class pull up bar, multiple grips allow for your training emphasis to target multiple areas including lats, biceps, rear deltoid, rhomboids and core.  The familiar adjustable straps attach to the pull up bar for an unlimited number of exercises.   FitBar has taken the idea of suspension training one step further by adding a sturdy leveled bar (hence the name) to the device.  The bar allows for even more options in functional training, flexibility work, and even a new component of myofascial release (same idea as foam rolling).


Real life applications for Fit Bar.

fitbar-4After putting FitBar through a rigorous test of pulls, thrusts, rows, jumps and even at one point sitting suspended on the bar I can vouch that this is an exceptionally well made product that will last.  Fit Bar is also designed for use by people of all sizes and levels of fitness.  The benefits of having an at home full body workout device are countless.   FitBar is ideal for resistance training and does double duty as a great way to get in a HIIT cardio training session.  Perhaps my favorite feature of FitBar and why I would recommend it for all of my clients is the emphasis on pulling motions that it can be used for.  Pull ups, rows, rear deltoid exercises are just a few of the many underutilized and underappreciated exercises that lead to muscular imbalances and poor posture.  For more on this see my post about Upper Crossed Syndrome.

In conclusion FitBar is an easy way to counter the unhealthy obstacles life throws at us.  Easy to install, solid and provides a full body cardio or strength training workout.  For workout ideas and orders visit:



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